About Logenix International

To and through the Developing World

Logenix is recognized as the preeminent logistics provider for global health programs, disaster relief, infrastructure and development projects, security and peacekeeping contingency operations, as well as other high profile projects in the world’s most challenging regions. In the last decade, Logenix has delivered essential and urgently needed medicines, health supplies, and malaria nets valued well over $2 billion throughout the developing world, specifically Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As the pre-eminent logistics provider in the industry, no other organization has the experience or demonstrated success in operating complex and large-scale projects across the developing world.

Leading the Industry for On Time, On Budget Deliveries

Logenix performs successfully on time and on budget, to and through the world’s most challenging regions, more often than any other logistics company in the world. Our extensive and intimate knowledge, gained over thirty years of operating in over 145 developing countries, combined with our comprehensive planning procedures provides the insight to make quick, informed decisions, to successfully overcome constant and recurring challenges — saving our clients millions of dollars in project costs.

Most Experienced and Commended Staff in the Industry

The staff at Logenix has received accolades and special commendations from our clients, which include the largest and most respected private, public, and humanitarian organizations. The outstanding capabilities of our uniquely experienced staff are well known and relied upon by international organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Global Fund (TGF), the Department of State (DOS), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the World Health Organization (WHO), numerous agencies within the United States Department of Defense (DOD), among many others. Logenix’s senior management has worked together on developing world supply chains and warehousing strategies for over 30 years. The combined developing world logistics experience of Logenix most likely exceeds that of the next 10 competitors combined.

Unparalleled Expertise in Logistics, Developing World Infrastructure, and Worldwide Customs

The Logenix team has garnered unmatched, in-depth logistics experience over the past thirty years operating various programs in the toughest regions of the world. We expertly apply our decades of experience on behalf of our clients to achieve unrivaled global accomplishments in our major disciplines. We have an extensive understanding and know-how, which has allowed us to accomplish large-scale projects to support widely diverse global programs since the 1980s.

edge resources

Cutting-Edge Resources and Technology

The Logenix Tracking System (LTS) is the logistics industry’s most sophisticated GDP-compliant online tracking and management program, custom-built as the premier software program for developing country supply chains. LTS integrates purchase order administration and warehouse inventory control with real-time, 24/7 shipment tracking.

The system securely stores all data, powered by SQL Server and best-practice C#4.6 and JavaScript web frameworks, which allows for real-time updates and reporting. With a boast in high performance, and reconditioned responsive user interfaces, it provides complete line-item visibility from order to delivery with impressive KPI reporting capabilities. In addition, clients receive a materials audit trail and the ability to monitor, via the web, every aspect of the receiving, warehousing, and shipment process. Supported by new powerful data-storage and enhanced security, LTS 7.0 is fully enterprise cloud-enabled with vigorous geo-replicative failover capabilities.