Logenix specializes in managing critical infrastructure supply chains throughout the developing world.

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Logistics Services For Development

Logenix is unequaled in our wide-ranging partnerships with humanitarian organizations and contractors throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Logenix provides logistics services for hundreds of development and infrastructure programs within the wide-ranging sectors of power, agriculture, water, education, and the encompassing concept of democratization.

Logistics For Development

Delivering Power and Electricity to Hundreds of Thousands of People

Logenix has transited and delivered thousands of shipments of electrical and power equipment to the most remote areas in the world, bringing power to more than 150 million people in over 25 countries. We have delivered solar panels, wind generators, transformers, wooden poles, cables, construction materials, and various electrical equipment for the construction of power plants in Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Sudan, Benin, Costa Rica, India, Nepal and many more. Successful delivery of energy supplying materials was made possible by Logenix’s extensive capability to transport heavy and oversized equipment.

Agriculture Programs

Logenix applies our expertise to programs increasing agricultural production around the world. From delivering temperature controlled shipments of perishable seeds and plants to shipping vital farming equipment, we have improved food security and agriculture infrastructure in countries like Tajikistan, Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Rwanda.

Water Systems

water systems

Logenix has improved access to clean water for more than 75 million people throughout the Middle East and Africa. We have delivered irrigation pipes, building sized generators, turbines, and other oversized materials to construct water treatment plants, improve institutional water framework, and streamline water and sewage systems in countries including Uganda, Iraq, Lebanon, Botswana, Jordan, and Egypt.

Education, Communication, and Democratization Programs

Logenix supports a wide array of institutional development programs, distributing a broad range of materials, to support ongoing projects in every region throughout the developing world.

Logenix has shipped books, computers, teaching materials, and other educational supplies on behalf of private voluntary organizations and government agencies for education initiatives throughout countries including Djibouti, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Somalia.

Logenix has delivered more than one million pounds of communications equipment to over 30 countries, contributing to the advancement of other infrastructure and fostering lasting change.

Logenix has provided critical support for democratization projects by securely delivering election supplies ahead of decisive national elections, as well as supplying crime fighting materials throughout Kosovo, Afghanistan, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

Development 1

Poles for electrical wiring throughout countryside departing for Haiti

Development 2

Power Equipment En-Route to Tajikistan