Disaster Relief

World leader in immediate response and continued support to natural and man-made disaster stricken regions.

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Disaster Relief

Logistics Service For Disaster Relief

Over the past two decades, Logenix has managed around the clock emergency operations to provide critical supplies, and necessities for urgent relief from natural disasters. Additionally, Logenix has provided long term support for manmade calamities such as minefields and refugee migration from conflict zones.

Logistics Service For Disaster Relief

World Leader in Immediate Response

Logenix is an integral partner to the US Department of State (DOS), the US Office of Disaster Assistance (OFDA), and the world’s highest-regarded humanitarian agencies, to quickly respond in disaster-stricken regions. Our 24/7 preparedness and global experience make Logenix uniquely suited to react swiftly and efficiently.

Logenix has time and again proven itself an indispensable and reliable logistics partner to the disaster-relief community with our immediate response capabilities.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Support

Experienced, Knowledgeable Long Term Support

Logenix is continuously tasked with delivering much-needed relief after a disaster.

Supplies delivered by Logenix have helped save and rebuild lives. Logenix has supported long-term relief projects in dozens of countries including Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Indonesia, Japan, Haiti, Pakistan, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique.

Further exemplifying our commitment to the disaster relief community is our management of the OFDA’s biggest stockpile of essential supplies in Dubai, UAE.

Logenix’s expert warehouse operation has ensured rapid deployment of relief provisions to Bosnia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, and Haiti.

Disaster 1

Deliveries to Bonthe District, Sierra Leone

Disaster 2

Minefield clearing equipment in Azerbaijan