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Tracking System

Logistically the Best Information Technology

The Logenix Tracking System (LTS) is the logistics industry’s most sophisticated GDP compliant online tracking and management program, custom-built specifically to be the premier software program for developing country supply chains.

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24/7 Online Access to Real Time Shipment Details

LTS integrates purchase order administration and warehouse inventory control with real-time, 24/7 shipment tracking. The system securely stores all data, powered by SQL Server and best-practice C# 4.6 and JavaScript web frameworks, which allows for real-time updates and reporting. With a boast in high performance, reconditioned responsive user interfaces, LTS provides complete line-item visibility from order to delivery with impressive KPI reporting capabilities.

The most recent version, LTS 7.0 provides increased reliability, security, and responsiveness, and organizes information, enabling Logenix to deliver shipments on time and within budget. LTS 7.0 offers the unique option of two different security layers; one view for home office supervisors to access every country program, and a separate view for country field managers to access information for only their project. Clients have the ability to grant access to LTS 7.0 to its partners and subcontractors. LTS 7.0 is easily transposed into any environment and can be used by project staff across the globe.

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Maximum Convenience and Visibility for Multi-National Organizations

LTS 7.0 incorporates EDI standards and was developed to improve client record-keeping, reduce processing time, provide greater visibility, minimize paper usage, and provide the necessary order audit trail for US government programs.

Clients receive a materials audit trail and the ability to monitor, via the web, every aspect of the receiving, warehousing, and shipment process. Supported with new powerful data- storage and enhanced security, LTS 7.0 is fully enterprise cloud-enabled with vigorous geo-replicative failover capabilities.